Why can’t anyone who has been apprised of it accept that a solution exists? The solution is at www.ajustsolution.com. A sketch of the economics of it is in “A Cure for the Ills of Capitalism” here on medium.com. It can be accomplished, in the U.S., with a single Act of Congress.

I’m 66. I’ve had my life. Younger people need to get off their butts and fight for theirs. Fighting the good fight is always a good thing to be doing.

What is to be done? Advocate for the solution!

Need a nutshell term to use? Here’s one: democratic capitalism; i.e., applying the democratic principle to the capitalist economy via a revolutionary — but not radical — monetary system. It would build on the existing institutional structure, not tear any of it down, to transform the outcomes of that economic system: no unemployment (at no cost to anyone), no poverty (without having to redistribute anything), no taxes (of any kind) and no public debt (at any level of government), with still no limit on income or property/wealth and increased sustainability (even without additional regulations).

Those outcomes do not require anyone to change one’s behavior on bit. They are built into the structure of this monetary system. What the hell is wrong with people, that they aren’t marching on Washington to advocate for it?

unaffiliated, non-ideological, unpaid, academically trained philosopher and political economist

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