Trump Mob Also in Previous Violence

hardly hard-pressed, reluctant rioters

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Out of some misbegotten sense of fairness, or something, the ‘mainstream media’ that is so loathed by people on the political right in this country has a disturbing habit of letting people on the right define the terms of our national political discourse. The latest example concerns the recent insurrection committed by the Trumpist mob.

It has now become all but accepted orthodoxy in this country that all previous political violence was attributable to “Antifa” and “BLM activists,” as though what occurred at the Capitol was the Trumpist mob finally being pushed to the breaking point. There has been a lot of political violence during Trump’s time in office. It has often included the Trumpist mob, including asymmetrical displays of violence such as in Charlottesville.

Political violence is not democracy. No political violence can ever be justified in a democracy. Democracy is in its essence a vehicle for nonviolent societal change. It might work slowly, but it works justly, without violence. The political violence of the Trumpist mob prior to its insurrection against our democratic political process itself must not be obfuscated.

unaffiliated, non-ideological, unpaid, academically trained philosopher and political economist