The (simple, for sure) Logical Trap in Claims of “Election Fraud”

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

President Trump and acolytes of his are claiming that the results of the election for president should not be accepted because of “election fraud.” In making that claim they have unwittingly (surprise, surprise) stepped into a logical trap of their own making.

The last thing they want is for those claims to be investigated and to be proved wrong. That, however, is not the trap. They can never be proved wrong about election fraud ‘to their satisfaction’ anymore than they can be proved wrong about claiming that global warming is a hoax or that Covid is a hoax. They have somehow become convinced that whatever they want to be the truth of the matter is the only possible ‘real’ truth.

They do not say that they suspect fraud. They say that they know that fraud has been committed. (The idea of a ‘need’ for a ‘sufficient investigation’ has been the response of reprehensible Republicans who know better but also know that their party cannot win national elections unless it continues to pander to these deplorable people.)

The evidence, the claimants say, is in the voting machines. The evidence cannot be presented because “they” have not been allowed access to the machines. But if the evidence is in the machines to which they have not been allowed access, how can they know that fraud has been committed?