Sounding the Alarm Is Not Doing Enough

To save democracy further action is necessary.

Stephen Yearwood
1 min readMar 7, 2024
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[This little diatribe was a Reply to a Medium article by Will Lockett.]

People need to stop with the conceit that sounding the alarm is doing enough.

To save democracy ‘we, the people’ must be willing to make the intellectual effort as well as the political effort to move democratic society forward.

1) Democracy must be understood to follow from something truly universal, not a belief in equality.

One approach to accomplishing that is summarized most succinctly in “Dr. Giles and Me (again),” a “5 min read.”

2) Democracy must be extended to the economy, via a ‘democratically distributed income’, i.e., one for which any adult citizen could become eligible and which would be sufficient to live on, actually:

One approach to accomplishing that is in “Two Possibilities within MMT” (‘Modern Monetary Theory’).

Are those the best possible approaches? Maybe, maybe not — but both are existing, well-developed, viable, feasible approaches.

Both linked articles are here in Medium, but not behind the paywall.



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