One Possible Way Out

of the ongoing debacle in our U.S. House of Representatives

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

Anyone reading this knows what is happening there. One solution would be for some Representative who is a Republican to resign from that Party and declare to be an Independent and a candidate to be the new Speaker. That person could get all 212 votes of the Democrats in the House. Surely four Republicans — a candidate for Speaker can vote for oneself — could be persuaded to vote for that person, giving him or her the number of votes needed to become Speaker.

Obviously, that person would only come from a congressional district that voted for Joe Biden for President in 2020. She or he would definitely be putting getting re-elected at risk. There is also the chance, however, that in making that move that person could become an all-time political hero.



Stephen Yearwood

unaffiliated, non-ideological, unpaid: M.A. in political economy (where philosophy and economics intersect) with a focus in money/distributive justice