‘No’ to Revolution; ‘Yes’ to Revolutionary Change

societal transformation without changing our institutional structure

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Change is inevitable. In cases where small, incremental adjustments are not made, change comes in the form of sudden, transformative upheaval. That applies to nature, as in seismology, and to human societies.

It certainly appears to be the case that transformative change is coming to the U.S. The current tensions, it seems, cannot be resolved. It looks like they will grow until something breaks. That ‘something’ would be one or more parts of our existing institutional structure.

That “institutional structure” includes accepted practice as well as large-scale organizations. The most important elements of our existing institutional structure in the U.S. are, I would say, as follows: the rule of law (not governance based on the arbitrary whims of this or that person or group); ‘liberty first’ (meaning people are free to do whatever has not been outlawed); a democratic political process (freedom of political speech and a ‘democratic’ — non-arbitrary — distribution of political rights); separation of powers in government at all levels; and a market-based economy with a central bank-based monetary system. All of those are under threat to some degree, either from particular groups operating in the political process or material circumstances — or both.

I don’t want to see any of those institutions destroyed. The first four are directly tied to justice and that last combination is necessary for a well-functioning economy that is compatible with justice.

Yet, as I and many other people see it, some kind of revolution is upon us. That would mean at least one of those institutions would no longer exist.

I don’t have any objection whatsoever to revolutionary change. I say we need a transformation.

So what I want to see is revolutionary change without a revolution. I want transformational change, keeping all of those institutional structures intact.

The change I want to see can be described as instituting a permanent form of ‘quantitative easing‘. That is the only change that is necessary to transform our nation.

The outcomes from doing that would be truly transformational: the existing economy would become fully self-regulating, with no unemployment (at no cost to anyone), no poverty (without having to redistribute anything), no taxes (of any kind), and no public debt (at any level of government), but with increased sustainability (even without additional regulations or changes in behavior). There would be built-in safeguards against inflation. To be clear, there would still be no limit imposed on income/wealth. For those (such as Marxists and, presumably, Christians) who also want to end exploitation, this change can even accomplish that, still without changing any of the existing institutional structure — and without imposing any limit on income/wealth.

Please, for the love of all that is good in this nation: read; learn; advocate.