I have always been consciously aware that it was a gift of a kind to be a male human because, even though something bad could happen (I’ve had guns pointed at me twice and had a few other close calls with violence) the mere fact that I might be outside by myself did not make me a particular target. Yet, in younger days I did on more than one occasion sexually harass a woman, including physical harassment (though nothing actually violent).

Not to excuse anybody anything, but if you have not experienced testosterone as males experience it, you cannot have any idea of the force of it. One does have to be a paragon of emotional health (which I most certainly was not) to experience it without creating victims.

That is why we have had the traditional ‘deal’ between men and women: protection in exchange for, well, all that women have been required to provide. The inherent threat of violence makes that ‘exchange’ intrinsically unjust.

Even then, males’ honoring of it has always been tenuous, at best. We do seem to be making progress in at least identifying the extent of men’s problem (socially and psychologically), but as long as there is testosterone, there will be violence, with a female as the target more than not.

Traditionally, wars have provided outlets for— and reduced the number of — testosterone-driven people in the world. We need some better method of amelioration, for the sake of humanity.

unaffiliated, non-ideological, unpaid, academically trained philosopher and political economist

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