A Most Beneficial Economic Change

within the existing system, not to a different system

Stephen Yearwood
2 min readMay 22, 2024
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This change would absolutely, positively put an end to unemployment and poverty (for adult citizens) while at the same time systemically addressing the existential flaw in the way the existing economic system is utilized. We could even do away with taxes/public debt for funding government.

Currently, there is a ‘need’ for constant, unending ‘growth’: an imperative to produce and consume ever more ‘stuff’ just to keep the economy — and therefore civilization itself — from collapsing. We have reached the point at which that must change for civilization to survive. This proposal would put an end to that self-defeating societal imperative.

The following linked articles (all here in Medium; none behind the paywall) provide details about the proposal.

Economic System Not the Problem” “22 min read” emphasizes how this proposal fits within the existing economic system of any nation.

Two Possibilities for MMT” (‘Modern Monetary Theory’) “17 min read” relates how this proposal connects with that conceptual construct.

Paradigm Shift” “22 min read” is the most technical offering, which emphasizes how this proposal makes money (as currency) a “fully exogenous variable.”

Same Economy, Way Better Outcomes for Society” “15 min read” goes into more detail as to actually implementing the proposal, using the U.S. for illustrative purposes (somewhat dated in some details at this point, but still useful).



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