one that actually solves material problems for society

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Long ago, having abandoned a serious consideration of Marxism, I decided to try to figure out what a really just economy would be. I had no idea that would end up requiring a whole new approach to justice. Yet, I learned that…

too essential to be left to the vagaries and uncertainties of life

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[Anyone thinking that this article is concerned with justifying a tax-based UBI — much less some form of socialism — is way off.]

First, let me make clear that I reject the existence of a priori Rights, such…

why it really is really different now

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Historically, the market for stocks has gone up and down. The end of many of the upswings has been said to be signaled by the widespread conviction that ‘this time it’s different’, that some threshold had been crossed and the market for stocks…

the four essential components of a single legislative Act any nation could enact to transform the societal outcomes of its existing economic system

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Every nation on Earth has, as part of its economic system, a central bank. Any nation on Earth could therefore, via a single legislative Act, make its…

my journey to the very strange place in life I now inhabit

I have experienced countless hours the dreariest, most mind-numbing labor. I have experienced the transcendent wonder of ‘boldly going where no human being has gone before’. Both involved work. Only one involved drudgery.

I have done many things…

how, not how much

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[This is not about any solution, only a statement of the issue.]

In terms of justice and income, what matters is how people get their income, not how much income they receive. Differences in income do generate differences in wealth (assets: property). That in turn perpetuates…

any or all of them, incrementally or all at once, with a single change to the existing economic system

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John Locke dreamed of a minimal government, one that would exist only to protect persons and property. Adam Smith dreamed of an economic system that was fully self-regulating. Karl Marx dreamed…

‘Moral relativism’ is a term used mostly by by people on the political right. It is meant to convey, most generally, a lack of moral clarity or resoluteness among ‘liberals’ and people of their ilk — if not a lack of actual moral values, period. …

a universal ethic that even a postmodernist can endorse

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Postmodernism evolved out of post-structuralism, which formed out of the failure of structuralism to achieve the goal that its proponents set for it. Structuralism exemplified the epitome of the Modern perspective. It was the attempt within anthropology to identify universals that…

concerning my output in justice and its implications

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I know from bitter experience that most people are loath to even try to accept my intellectual output concerning justice and its implications for individuals, the political process, and the economy. …

Stephen Yearwood

unaffiliated, non-ideological, unpaid, academically trained philosopher and political economist

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